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Krishna Kunj

Interior Design
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    Krishan Kunj

Project Name: Krishna Kunj

Project Type:  Interior Design

 Location: Udaipur

Concept:  Minimalist


The house layout did not make proper use of footprint area and massive structural elements were identified as few of the major challenges for the refurbishment. The 680 sq.ft house is used by an IT engineer women who lives with her mother. We proposed to remodel the Living room, Dining area, and kitchen completely. Toilets and bedrooms were redesigned in the existing RCC shell satisfying all the users’ new requirements.

Client’s Brief

The client required a grilled door in addition to the main door to be used as a ventilator for the day use when the main door remains entirely or partly open, and for some extra security during the night. On their request to creating something interesting at the entrance, we came up with the idea of Wireframe/Solid door.

– The main door of the house is solid flush door made from 150mm wide teak wood planks placed vertically. In order to have a monolithic door, a sculptural handle is carved out from one of the deeper vertical planks only. The handle follows freehand drawn curves which were digitalized for further detailing.

– Sharing the same door frame and jamb, 450 mm away from the main door is its mirror image serving as a ventilator or a security door. 

– Wireframe Door is a double layered steel mesh drawn in 6mm steel bars inspired by 3D wireframe of the main solid door.

– The mesh towards the handle is abstracted to draw some beautifully proportioned curves in the elevation converging to form the handle and resemble the mass of the wooden handle in form.

– A team of highly skilled local fabricators manually crafted each curved and straight line bars following the to-scale drawings and assembled them all manually.